What do I need to register?

To get registered with Zwira.com you need a valid e-mail address. We will send you a message with conformation link to verify your e-mail. After confirmation you are fully registered member on Zwira.

I cannot sign in. Why?

If you have not cancelled your account and your request for new password doesn’t work, you have violated terms and conditions. It happened, for example, by specifying your address, phone number or e-mail in profile, sending advertisements, sending bulk emails, excessive harassment of others, false pretenses (indicating that you are female if you are male) or use a third party photo. If you haven’t violated Terms and conditions, please click below and notice info@zwira.com.

How do alternative methods of payment work?

At the moment there are two options of payment: PayPal or Credit Card. There is no subscription; you can easily get your coins anytime. You will find an option – ‘Add coins’, on top bar and after choosing the desired packet you have to choose one of the offered methods of payment.

Can I modify my profile later?

Of course, you can change your profile anytime you want. This also includes field ‘About me’. The more you fill in your profile, the bigger the chances are to find your pair or appropriate friend.

How can I cancel my friendships?

You need to go to your friend’s profile. On the right side of the menu bar you can find options such as ‘Delete friend’. Just click on the button and friendship is erased. Friendships are being automatically deleted from data base.

I found a Zwira user with a stolen picture, what should I do?

Please, inform us. You can send request to our support to cancel that profile at anytime, or you can tell us why you consider that picture of he/she is stolen. Be sure to send us an e-mail at info@zwira.com, which is also very easy.

I have received the promotion on Zwira.com, what should I do?

Please, inform us. We will contact these users and delete their profile immediately. In the end, Zwira.com is non commercial site. At anytime you can ask for support to cancel that profile. Please, send us also promotional message, so we could take additional measures. Or simply write an e-mail to info@zwira.com with your username and proper e-mail delivery.

I feel harassed by a user of Zwira.com. What should I do?

It is possible to block that user and you will stop receive his messages. For violation of our terms and conditions please inform us on info@zwira.com.

I would like to advertise Zwira.com on my web site. How do I do that?

You can embed a link to our website or our negotiable electronic displays. For this, we ordered a selection of advertising available. For more information write us on office@zwira.com.

I have uploaded a photo but it has been deleted. Why is that?

Please, first take a look at our photo guide, and see if you followed all instructions. If you haven’t violated any of the rules, please send your picture to our Support.